The title of Emperor of Hurosha, associated with that of Shinguard of Kasumor, was created in the fourth century for Nyllana Earthguard.

House of EarthguardEdit

Name Lifespan From Until Notes
Nyllana Earthguard 319 - c.375 429 Previously Eienguard of Kasumor. Abdicated in favour of her son.
Wayve Earthguard 353 - 476 429 471 Son of Nyllana. Deposed as unfit in 471.
Kyria Varinel 417 - 518 471 480 Daughter of Wayve. Contested the succession, never held power in the Empire. Abandoned her claim in 480.

Following the deposition of Wayve Earthguard, his son Rove was found unfit to succeed. After an initial challenge by Wayve's daughter, Ryena Fireguard was universally recognised as his successor in 480.

House of FireguardEdit

Name Lifespan From Until Notes
Ryena Fireguard 415 - 471 Wife of Wayve's daughter Rove. Succession initially contested by Kyria Varinel.

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