The Emperor of Ignato was the head of state of the Ignato Empire and the head of the Triumvirate executive during the First Triumvirate. The title was abolished in 423 during the dissolution of the Empire and formation of the Second Triumvirate.

House of IgnatoEdit

The Empire was established by Dyamus Ignato in 349, though he never held the title of Emperor himself. Olwyt became the first Emperor on his father's abdication.

Name Lifespan From Until Notes
Olwyt Ignato 317 - 376 360 376 Son of Dyamus Ignato. First Emperor.
Syana Ignato 350 - 425 376 415 Daughter of Olwyt. Abdicated in 415.
Mira Ignato 371 - 418 415 418 Daughter of Syana. Died in 418, believed murdered by Zhuang.
Xiu Zhuang Ignato 400 - 423 418 423 Son of Syana. Killed Mira and usurped the throne. Deposed by order of his Triumvirate partners.
Syana Ignato 350 - 425 423 423 Held the office for long enough to abolish it.


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