Esuma Crest
Region Number 162
Realm Caramel Kingdom
Population 790,000
Resources Carnival Troupes

Dream Sugar

Imports Metal
Religion Unorganised Paganism (majority)

Radurja (minority)


Large pillars of ancient solidified magma, known as Hexrises, rise high above the surrounding terrain. There are many pillars rising across the terrain which have become interconnected with bridges. The tops of the pillars are large flat plains that shimmer and glow.

A naturally occurring fireworks show occurs monthly near the empire’s capital. The fireworks originate from a multicolored combination of hot spring and geyser. Liquid bubbles are shot into the air which explodes into a shower of light.

There is a dense forest area at the center of the empire on the land below the Hexrises, known as the Witherdowns. It is comprised of trees with black bark that also possesses roots that glow eerily white. A landmark that plays on the senses, newcomers are tricked into viewing it as spooky while locals can recognize it for the harmless place that it actually is.


Esumans of the Caramel kingdom are a race with their hearts set towards discovery and entertainment. Their skin is colored the same as the name of their kingdom, but as a people, they more often feature painted faces and bodies covered by another layer of Ostentatious clothes. The Caramel kingdom has promoted a strong sense of national pride, maintaining a strong sense of unity and cultural identity even as they enter the world stage and bring their gifts to other nations.


The kingdom possesses large numbers of Carnival Troupes, trained squads that specialize in entertainment: a combination of professional actors and performers as well as trained animals. They can raise the morale of those they entertain and persuade the hearts of those that view their shows.

A magical cloth with theme changing properties. Items equipped with Garb can be shifted between many different styles. The base item is always recognizable under the garb, but the style and qualities that it possesses can be changed by skilled craftsmen.

A special substance gathered from the Spectacular landmark, Dream Sugar can be made into many different sweets and desserts. Those that consume confections made with this substance experience enhanced imaginations and dreams.

The greatest artistic talent of the nation can be promoted to Visionaries. They forge thoughts and substances together to form exquisite items. Masters of combining form and function, they can improve the efficiency of products. Visionaries have undergone a process to replace their eyes with glass, giving them vision beyond mere sight, or at least so they claim.

Having a desire for both artistic and scientific advancements, the empire is in need of metals for constructing larger projects.


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