Faedas Freehold
Faedas Crest
Regions The Heartwaste

Domhan Abhaile

Ruler Queen Kyria Varinel
Player Reggiejam
Abbreviation FAE
Capital The Heartwaste
Status Great Kingdom
Sovereignty Free State
Government Monarchy
Ruling House Varinel
Liege None

The coalition and working recovery of Sanctuary, a recognized entity once separate from the Heartwaste and Faedas but now incorporated by Valineth Varinel, Queen of the Heartwaste and Faedas, has worked years on properly organizing the new governmental system for the eventual rule of her daughters and heirs to follow.

Presiding above the entirety of the Faedas Freehold is the Throne of Thorns and she of Varinel blood who rightfully sits upon this throne shall preside over all the lands subject to Faedas authority. She who sits upon the Throne of Thorns shall be known and titled as the Queen of the Free People of Faedas, Queen of the Heartwaste, and High Prince of Sanctuary.

Sitting directly below the Queen upon the Throne of Thorns shall be the regional rulers, the Elder of Tekorva, the Prince of Yorukuni, the Princess of the Heartwaste, the Chieftain of Wenyavuk, and the Blazing Singer of Galie-Noiret. These leaders shall act as council to the Queen upon the Throne of Thorns and lead their regions in the minutiae of governance with oversight only when necessary by the Queen.

The Queen shall not be permitted to hold the title of a lesser regional leader for a period extending beyond 20 years, though such titles will revert to the Queen should a suitable heir not be ready for immediate succession. The Queen reserves the right to appoint a regional leader, however pledges to do so only in extreme circumstances and to in all other ways recognize and respect the generally accepted inheritance rights of each region individually.

Prior to its secession from the Hurosha Empire, the Queen was expected to attend as council to her liege who stands above all others, the Emperor or Empress of Hurosha and accompanied by the regional leaders as necessary to communicate and carry out specific duties decided by the Emperor's Council. The Queen otherwise operated independently from the Emperor's oversight except in matters deemed of greater import.

The Freehold has evolved over the course of its existence into a monarchial conglomerate of self governing principalities, themselves belonging to one of two lesser monarchies which are bound together through a single monarch as the Freehold. Each region within the Freehold is an independent principality, governed by a local prince selected according to the customs of the region. Each of these principalities in turn belong to either the Ancient Fiefdom of Sanctuary or the Heartwaste Holds, the two lesser monarchies directly bound to the Faedas Freehold. Kyria and Lorisanth Varinel are accepted as legitimate sovereigns of both Sanctuary and the Holds but many other claimants to the Throne have only a claim to one realm or the other, though the two have been welded together for so many decades since the ascension of Valineth Varinel that the distinction is largely one of legality rather than practicality.

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