Some prefer the path less taken while the wise will see a path as nothing more than guidelines.

Fanael is an An Náduri deity.

An Náduri MythologyEdit

Whilst Dernyos and Ethyllwn were working on the creation of animal and plant life, some of the energy released in the creation formed to become their own entities. Most of these faded away only centuries after their creation but a few remained. One of these was Fanael, who was born of most creatures' and some plants' desire to wander and explore.

Fanael was a powerful entity for a long time, this was more as an abstract force than a deity. During the birth of magic which heralded the Third Age, Fanael's power grew and their consciousness emerged allowing their path to deityhood to begin. Fanael would tempt beings to wander further both to their detriment and for their benefit but always would Fanael be there to watch over those who would explore.

Unlike many of the other deities, Fanael would have a more direct hand in things and preferred it that way though it consumed almost all that Fanael had to do so. Constantly would Fanael gleefully discover things themself alongside the beings who discovered them. Due to concentrating almost the entirety of their being on continuing as they always had, Fanael was always weakened for it. Nonetheless, they are undoubtedly one of the most powerful deities in existence.


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