The Favn are believed to be a type of fae, native to an area west of Niskovia.

The Favn resemble Niskans in most aspects of their appearance, with a few particularly notable differences. They have long, pointed ears and green is a common hair colour and unlike Niskans prefer to wear their hair short. Also from the waist down their legs resemble a goats, complete with a shaggy pelt the same colour of their skin and cloven hooves but with a long cat-like tail. Favn also possess horns, usually these emerge from just below the hairline and sweep backwards.

Favn clothing - what little they wear - is often adorned with fringes of their own hair. Aside from that, their clothing is primarily white - Favn covet foreign textiles, not for their colour or because they lack their own, but for the feel of different textures.
Typical attire consists merely of a belted tunic as they tend to dislike pants due to finding them uncomfortable. No shoes are needed thanks to their hooves, though a Favn will wrap their lower legs with strips of leather if they expect to travel rough terrain.

Niskan scholars believe that these fae could be ancestors of the Niskans.

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