First Grand Ball
Host Lord Gareth Serendel
Year 336
Location Delberelle, Lyradis
Next Second Grand Ball, 381

The First Grand Ball was held in 336 in the Grand Hall at Delberelle, in Lyradis.


The Grand Hall was newly refurbished for the occasion; the ceiling inlaid with ornate and detailed map of the known world, complete with sparkling oceans and mountains apparently depicted in three dimensions. Many of the regions on the map were however not mapped particularly thoroughly, probably due to lack of information. The details were indeed sparser further to the east.

The room was arrayed in a pattern such that all were on equal level, none taller than the other, the Lord of Lyradis seated in the 12-o-clock station of the round room. The courses begin, and you are pleasantly surprised by the dishes. After an initial feast, the Ball started in earnest, with guests are able to socialize, dance or discuss at their leisure.[1]


The Ball is perhaps most remarkable for the first public appearance of the Blazing Avatar, Yosi Cedro, who had not been invited but was welcomed nonetheless. After a long period of suspicion and tension between the church of the Lord of Fire and some of the attendees, the Avatar was able to establish friendly contact and mend some broken relations.

In a private chamber away from the main ballroom, a conference (known as the Grand Conference) was held privately between many rulers of the northern central continent, which eventually saw the establishment of the Grand Coalition.



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