First International Council
Host Queen Amalia of Celero
Year 425
Location Propinlonge
Next Second International Council

The First Council was called by Queen Amalia to attempt to discuss a new method of handling international relations. The stated intention was ambitious and ultimately a failure, as few attendees were willing to consider any surrender of sovereignty which they believed this would entail, and there were further concerns about the practicality of any such international body.

However it was agreed to discuss a series of issues of concern to many realms and consider forming agreements for common practice. The first of these was to address treatment of prisoners of war. The convention was drafted by King Tansan of AsheniaTansan Toranath and signed by most of the attendees, although the Hurosha Empire abstained.


Propinlonge Convention concerning Prisoners of War

  • Prisoners of war may under no circumstances be compelled to work against their own allegiances.
  • Prisoners of war must be treated with the basic dignity of all sentient creatures. As such, they are to be provided with sufficient food, shelter and clothing as their anatomy requires. Under no circumstances are they to be deprived of such basic necessities.
  • Prisoners of war may only be harmed if in the process of escaping, and then only to prevent a successful escape.
  • Prisoners of war must follow the laws of the land in which they are incarcerated. If said laws are broken, they are to be treated appropriately.
  • Prisoners of war who hold rank, whether civil, aristocratic, martial or ecclesiastical, are to be kept in separate confinement as their status accords.
  • Prisoners of war may be ransomed if both parties are in agreement, but may not be used as hostages.
  • Prisoners of war may not be used as labourers save by their own agreement and only then for suitable payment.
  • Prisoners of war may not be sold into slavery, banished to distant lands or otherwise prevented from returning to their country of origin at the cessation of hostilities.
  • All the above points may be suspended if it is necessary to prevent harm to sentient creatures.

Signatories: Kingdom of Ashenia, Salterri Imperium, Kingdom of the Carmine Sea, Triumvirate, Sovereign Principality of Niskovia, Kingdom of Celero, Ancestral Quill Unification Alliance, Imperial Alydaxian Dominion, Tzaltec Empire