First Raaneki Games
Host Royal Council of Raaneka
Year 347
Location Sarab, Raaneka
Champion Unknown
Next Second Raaneki Games


With the joined voices of Lady Aditi and Lord Devdan, Masters of Raaneka, may all nations lend their ears!

The first Lord and Lady of Raaneka ruled for fifteen years, and great contests of prowess were held at their coronation and their abdication. These games have repeated themselves every fifteen years for centuries, and in the summer of 347, on the longest days of the year, the Raaneki Games shall be held yet again. The Raaneki are eager to receive you, and our athletes eager to compete. Come one and all, to partake of our hospitality and of our fabled wine.

The Raaneki Games shall be hosted in the city of Sarab.

Lady Aditi and Lord Devdan
Masters of Raaneka
Bright Glory, Dark Wine

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