The Formor were a legendary race who at one time controlled a large empire, including at least part of what is now Pavonia. They were fleshcrafters beyond peer, building monstrous constructs and reshaping their own bodies to fit their perverted schemes. They were opposed by the Faeren, but it was not until the humans of Pavonia rose up against them that they were defeated and driven into the Black Ocean. What happened to them since is unknown, but few believe that they were truly conquered. Like their Faeren enemies, they have left their mark on Pavonia to this day, through the vampires (which are generally held to have been their work), through the abominations that still linger in the Pavonian wilds, and through the fear of their return that still to this day causes Pavonians to distrust, abhor, and occasionally attack, anything that seems to have risen from the deeps or that looks to have been Formor-warped.

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