Fourth Grand Ball
Host Doge Vizini
Year 480
Location The Eastern Floor, Raaneka
Deaths King Elwyr of Jarrland
Previous Third Grand Ball, 431

The Fourth Grand Ball was hosted by Doge Vizini of Guilder in 480, albeit held in Raaneka due to the reluctance of many international dignitaries to set foot on Guilderene soil. Security was provided by New Crima and the Tzaltec Empire, the staff headed by Champion-Heir Khoonbish. The Ball proper was preceded by a trade fair and a full day of political negotiation. The question of the independence of the Faedas Freehold from the Hurosha Empire was agreed at the Ball in a private conference.

Hushyarr ControversyEdit

The event is most noteworthy for the appearance of Hushyarr and his subsequent announcement that he was both the reincarnation of Mosi and the Blazing Avatar.

Hushyarr's unexpected appearance caused Elwyr, ruler of the Kingdom of the Carmine Sea, another blessed by the Lord of Fire, to burst into flame. Elwyr was initially able to channel much of the energy away through members of his family present, which left many of them with a permanent and visible blessing, before he was carried outside by the Cree Baasanjav, breaking the link. Hushyarr was able to absorb the excess energy, although was unable to save Elwyr's life.

In addition, Princess Molly Wulfendyne was apparently attacked by the energies of the Lord of Fire being channeled into her from her mother's side. The experience left her with the triangle-within-a-circle symbol of the Path branded into her forehead.

Outrage over the death of the king, and Hushyarr's apparent responsibility for it, led to a major international incident in the immediate aftermath, with several rulers calling for charges to be brought against Hushyarr for regicide. The matter was provisionally settled when Paco Guzman confirmed that Hushyarr was indeed the Blazing Avatar, but led to a long-lasting schism within the church of the Blazing Temple.


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