Fourth Raaneki Games
Host Queen Anguri and King Krama of Raaneka
Year 392
Location Bandar and Sarab, Raaneka
Champion Tupelo Cornus
Previous Third Raaneki Games
Next Fifth Raaneki Games

The Fourth Raaneki Games were held in 392  at the Kindred Stadiums in Bandar and Sarab.

The schedule and events were identical to the Third Games. Griend defended his title in the Duel competition, while the Caragita was won by a Quill for the second Games in succession, this time by the controversial Tupelo Cornus. Tupelo was later stripped of his title and his victor's statue defaced by Queen Anguri following his coup of 399 in AQUA.

This was the first Games to feature contestants from the Salterri Imperium.

These Games were also noteworthy for a demonstration event by Jarrland, at which the recently- (and illegally) acquired printing press was unveiled and sold to various buyers. When this was discovered by the press's inventors in Ashenia, a diplomatic incident resulted which took nearly thirty years to resolve.


Day 1Edit

Revelry in the streets of Bandar of Many Colors

Day 2Edit

Mock Naval Battle in Bandar Harbor

Mounted Race begins at the gates of Bandar

Day 3Edit

Ranged Tournament at Raaneka Stadium

Duel Tournament at Raaneka Stadium

Mass Melee at Raaneka Stadium

Mounted Race through the Lower Berrylands

Demonstration Events

Day 4Edit

Caragita at Raaneka Stadium (foot race, long jump, javelin throw, wrestling)

Mounted Race ends at the gates of Sarab

Day 5Edit

Art Contest at Raaneka Stadium Plaza

Day 6Edit

Revelry in the streets of Sarab

Event WinnersEdit

In addition to whatever awards were given by their nations, victorious contestants received a crown made of berry vines, one years' store of Raaneki wine, and a life-size statue of their likeness in the Victors’ Plaza.

Caragita: Tupelo Cornus, Tar

Arts Contest: Tarn and Firth Grant-Tremblor, Fire Acrobatics, Jeweled Cities

Duel Tournament: Grïend of Gwrîstîn, Huroshi Empire

Mass Melee: Sir Bapa Adite (Commander), Raaneka

Mounted Race: Sir Bapa, Crimar Horse, Raaneka

Mock Naval Battle: Prince Jacob Serendel (Captain), Qarimos

Ranged Tournament: Alara Sacco, Qarimos