Gelder is a popular theoretical nation to the East, which, through exodus, conquest, and cultural change, later became the Guilder as known to the world today.


The theory states that Gelder was once a rich merchant state, a single tall city hidden in a mountain, situated perfectly so that any trade through the region would be forced to enter one of its lower passes. Due to this situation, they were able to control and redirect those caravans around itself.

However, as time went on, even though Gelder was vastly wealthy, there were others who were far stronger. Nearby empires jostled at the relatively weak city, unable to outright raze it, but fully able to make it aware of their power.

In the end, Gelderene sages foretold the coming of a great destruction, and said that all peoples of Telluris must flee. Here, the theory comes out of theory into fact.


In the Great Dune of Sah'raa have been found large docks, suitable for constructing a classic Guilderene Ark, such as the Mia Isabella. These docks, buried in petrifying sand and desiccating dust, which kept it well preserved until the time of then-Prince Inigo. He stumbled upon them in his youth, discovering their secrets, and finding inscribed plans for building additional Arks, such as the Second Wind, which was built on these designs.

The lines and layouts for these ships are mysterious, as there is no clearly factual line of descent from any known Guilderene models. Proponents of the Gelder theory use this as evidence, but others state that it was simply invented as a desperate necessity.


This theory is rebuffed by many of the History department in the Technical Institute, due to the lack of evidence for it. However, Columbo II, having travelled to The Clanships believes that he may have found the required proof... But only further investigations will tell.

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