Gilligan Grant-Tremblor
Nationality Tzaltec (birth)

Niemidaland (adopted)

Spouse Ambryn Jarrow-Toranath
Children Evelyn Grant-Tremblor

Firth Grant Tremblor

Title Prefect of Niemidaland
House Grant-Tremblor
Race Human
Mother Yvinia of Guilder (adopted)
Father Martin Grant-Tremblor (adopted)
Born 424
Died 505

Gilligan Grant-Tremblor was a near twin to his brother.  He was lucky that Martin adopted him when he was young, and his tastes ran towards music and mathematics more than swordplay.  He also loved sailing.


By his wife Princess Ambryn of Ashenia, Gilligan had two daughters:

  • Evelyn Grant-Tremblor, 452 - 522, succeeded as Prefect.
  • Firth Grant-Tremblor, 452 - 552, twin of Evelyn.
Political offices
Preceded by
Martin Grant-Tremblor
Prefect of Niemidaland
452 - 505
Succeeded by
Evelyn Grant-Tremblor

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