Ginger Grant
Nationality Islander
Spouse Jonas Grumby
Children Amber Grant

Evelyn Grant

House Grant
Race Islander
Mother Alice Grant[1]
Born c.300
Died 395[2]

Ginger Grant (b. 300 - d. 395) was the consort of Jonas Grumby, the first regent of the united Jewelled Cities. By Jonas she had twin daughters, Amber and Evelyn, and was the progenitor of one of the most widespread dynasties in Telluris.

She was beautiful and curvaceous, even by islander standards.  Fiercely loyal to Jonas Grumby, she used her sharp mind, her stunning looks, and athletic body to further his goals. She proved herself capable of running and expanding their trading empire as Jonas took over running the islands. She was known to be exceptionally hedonistic, and tales of her exploits ticklde the fancy of even the most immodest Islander.



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