Ginger Grant-Tremblor
Nationality Tzalteca (birth)

Niemidaland (upbringing)
AQUA (by marriage)

Spouse Andus Fitzrion
Children Martina


House Grant-Tremblor
Race Human
Father Martin Grant-Tremblor (adopted)
Born 414

Ginger was the adopted daughter of Martin Grant-Tremblor. Like her siblings she is believed to have originally been from Tzalteclan. She was named for her (adopted) great-grandmother, Ginger Grant.

She married Andus Fitzrion, Skipper-General of AQUA, in what was in effect a public gesture of reconciliation between the two principal factions in AQUA government.

She was short, but with flawless bronze skin and sparkling emerald eyes. Her long black hair is artificially streaked with red and purple. Along the right side of her face is her family’s tattoo, and her chest and arms are marked with the traditional paints of the Quill.


By Andus, Ginger had at least three children:

  • Martina Grant-Tremblor Fitzrion (b. 447)
  • Percival Grant-Tremblor Fitzrion (known as "Percy") (b.449)
  • Arthur Grant-Tremblor Fitzrion (b. 457)

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