Giorno Fiassa
Nationality Guilderene
Spouse Unknown
Children Alonzo Fiassa, Columbo Fiassa
Title Captain
House Fiassa
Race Human

Giorno Fiassa was the captain of the Mia Isabella, a ship in Guilder's eastern expedition in the late 340s. The expedition set out to the south seeking new lands, but it soon became apparent that the ships were not as seaworthy as previously thought. Most of the ships were sunk or turned back in disarray. Fiassa sailed onwards, with one of his fellows commenting that "he always was a madman".

Fiassa himself was never knowingly seen again, although he is believed to have appeared at the Jewelled Cities 50th Anniversary Party, along with Marius Earthguard and a young Tumberink Grumby. A town founded by his sailors, Fiassa's Fast, was discovered in the late 350s, while the Mia Isabella was found deserted off the coast of Vennland in 380.

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