Region Number 41
Realm Imperial Alydaxan Dominion
Population 107,000
Resources Giraffes, Kralax
Imports Wood
Religion Strange Marsh


Glirfrey's flat, coastal area is home to the Great Marsh, an obscenely large marsh that is home to the region's many giraffes. In the central west of the region is Mount Cnor, a very tall mountain. There are also several nest-caves that are home to the region's less sentient inhabitants, the Kralax.


The people of Glirfrey are lizardfolk, nearly identical to their Alydaxan siblings.


Giraffes are a major part of the economy. There are also a few domesticated Kralax in the region, but many are still wild. This region needs wood for just about everything.


The only faithful belief that the Glirfreyans have is that strange things happen in the marsh at night.


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