Goblins are a widespread race across Telluris. They have a number of different cultures:


The Sahra'a Afreet are distant relatives of the Goblins of Zargrim though there are many very distinct differences between the two cultures. Though The Sahra'a Afreet have a great curiosity they have abandoned much of the longing for invention that strongly impassions the Zargrim goblins to take up roles more pertinent to their survival, such as hunting and taming Lacertals and maintaining their ruins and vital underground wells. The Sahra'a Afreet also differ physically from their northern and western cousins standing at around three feet tall, with slim, dark green bodies, large round heads filled with small pointed teeth, small red, yellow, or orange eyes, small noses, and large leathery bat like ears.


The goblins of Zargrim are smaller than humans, although they are still of reasonable hight. They typically measure around five feet (1.50 m). They are obsessive inventors, creating new technology on a near weekly basis, although the vast majority of it is total garbage. However, with their technology, they keep the environment in mind. This is because their ancestral religion is the one of the Great Eel Spirit, which reveres nature. For the rest, they are typically easygoing, but can appear a bit crazed to others. They are very informal, even towards kings, but are always up for a good laugh and a drink. They take great pride in their technology, to such an extend that it is considered a disgrace for a goblin to not have invented something in his first fifteen years of life.


Also known as the Zaema by the Mularuhm Dwarves, Norogh's natives are small goblinoid creatures with blue skin. They are half again as small as a dwarf, with large ears and eyes, and mostly hairless bodies. They are only half civilized, still wearing animal skins and using bone and stone tools. They have been dubbed Cyaqueets by the Pavonians, combining archaic words for "blue" and "goblin". Perhaps fifteen thousands remain in the caves, with another ten thousand scattered among the surface goblin tribes for integration.


The Kornandon live in the mountains of Farridon. Smaller than northern goblins, they are a diminutive, largely hairless people with large ears and eyes, and blue-ish skin. They are generally serious and hard-working people. The Kornandon are just as sharp and quick-witted as the goblins of the north, but appear to value industry over invention.


Goblins once lived on the outskirts of Pavonian society, largely scorned except when needed. They acted as merchants, spies, and emissaries between the feuding Houses. This neutrality has served them well since the Unification, as they now occupy a disproportionate fraction of the new merchant castes.

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