Great Sharixian Republic
Regions Rikorsial


Ruler TBD
Player TheBlueGuard
Abbreviation VAL
Capital Rikorsial
Status Great Kingdom
Sovereignty Free State
Official Religion Creed of the Ancestors

Government Crowned Republic

 The Great Sharixian Republic is ostensibly a crowned republic founded by the Sharix of Valasharix. It comprises the lands and peoples of Valasharix, Rikorsial, Maisel, Kakowokula, and Jaote. At present, however, Valasharix is independent of the republic its people founded.

Government Edit

The Great Sharixian Republic is based in Rikorsial, and each member of the Republic is divided up into electoral districts of no more than fifty-thousand long-term residents. The residents of the electoral district of their species age of majority elects a single representative to the Parliament — the Republic’s legislative body — presently in Rikorsial called a member of parliament (MP). The MPs then elect a Prime Minister (PM) from the Parliament through a simple majority vote to hold executive power and oversee the Republic. The PM, in turn, appointing MPs as Ministers to oversee the various Ministries — specialized organizations which run the Republic day-to-day — on the PMs behalf. In addition, the PM selects a Deputy Prime Minister and forms a Cabinet that she runs to act as an advisory board.

At present, there exists no limit to the number of terms a MP or PM may serve.

While almost unheard of, it is possible for the Parliament to remove the incumbent Prime Minister by making a motion of no confidence. Should the motion be successful, the Deputy Prime Minister becomes the acting Prime Minister for the remainder of the former PMs term. They then appoint an MP to replace them as Deputy PM, replacing them with another MP if they were a Minister.

In the event that the Deputy PM is incapable of performing her duty, the responsibility of becoming the acting PM falls to the Minister of Internal Affairs. Should successive candidates by incapable, the responsibility descends through the major Ministries as follows: Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Finance, and then the Ministry of Justice. In the event that the Minister of all the major Ministries be incapable, the responsibility descends through the minor Ministries in the same manner.

The same procedure and processes is also used should the PM ever become incapable of performing her duties.

Ministries Edit

The Republic consists of six major Ministries: the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Finance, and the Ministry of Justice. The Ministers of these Ministries report directly to the PM. There are also numerous minor Ministries which report to the Minister of the Ministry in whose purview their Ministry falls. For example, the Ministry of Health falls under the purview of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. As a result, the Minister of Health reports to the Minister of Internal Affairs who in turn reports to the PM.

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