Greatest Kingdom of Zuiguo
Regions Dong Nam Dosi

- unknown others

Ruler Wang Pak Sook (last independent)
Player NPC
Abbreviation -
Capital -
Status Defunct
Former Regions Dong Bu Dosi
Sovereignty Free State
Government Monarchy
Ruling House Pak
Liege Kingdom of the Silver Moon (463 - 469)
Vassals Unknown

The Greatest Kingdom of Zuiguo was a successor state to the Old Imperium, discovered by Jomani explorers in the 420s. Following a brief period of vassalage to the Kingdom of the Silver Moon and its reconstitution as the Greater Kingdom of Zuiguo, it was unified with the Chivalric Republic of the United Free Cities in 500.


Zuiguo was formerly part of the Old Imperium and appeared to consider itself the rightful successor to that empire. It first came to the notice of Telluris when it declared war on the western city states, which in turn reached out to the Jomani Kralstvo for protection. With assistance from Guilder and Bordeux, the city states defended against Zuiguo's attack, although the Zuiguo army did succeed in capturing Doge Inigo of Guilder and his son Vizini.

The release of the Doges was eventually negotiated by Guilder's Concordat allies, though both the Salterri Imperium and the Kingdom of the Silver Moon soon took the opportunity to attack Zuiguo in turn. In a farcical campaign in Dong Bu Dosi, the Salterri nonetheless triumphed, capturing the region, while Wang Pak Choi initially chose not to defend Dong Nam Dosi at all, allowing the Bordeusi to establish a foothold there.

The Wang eventually met the Bordeusi in force but was easily defeated, his entire army slain or captured and he himself taken prisoner. The Kingdom of the Silver Moon quickly conquered the remainder of the region, Pak Choi's desperate last attempt to have Miranda Bordeux eliminated by assassins meeting with failure, and forced to accept vassalage.

No sooner had the Bordeusi army retreated beyond Dong Nam's borders, however, than the region rose in rebellion, declaring itself fully independent under Pak Choi's brother Pak Sook. The Kingdom of the Silver Moon declined to reconquer its troublesome vassal and the kingdom, now known as the Greater Kingdom of Zuiguo, once again began to grow strong and expand its influence.

Pak Sook was not again troubled by invasion, and betrothed his son Heyeon to Steward Euco of the Chivalric Republic of the United Free Cities.

The Castle Lords and the people of Dong Nam and the newly colonized region awaited hearing of the full ramifications of the union between states but many suspected the monarchy was to become a figurehead and the Steward of the Free Cities and the Council would hold the power. To this end many of the Castle Lords of the Zuiguo cities began to make themselves familiar with the Republic's structure and jostled for appointment to the Council where they might be even freer to rule than they were under the Wang Pak dynasty.[1]



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