Greta Cardion Divinorum
Nationality Calorumite/Pryonian
Spouse None known
Children None known
Title Blazing Avatar
House Cardion


Race Human
Mother Bertra Cardion
Father Simovi Divinorum
Born c.361
Religion Lord of Fire

Greta was the daughter of Simovi Divinorum and Bertra Cardion, who were married following a prophecy that their child would be the next Blazing Avatar. In her youth she travelled with Paco of the Blazing Temple, along with Shvedrishti and later Glamora of Sycia, in an attempt to build relations between the leading faiths of the day. They were also accompanied by tutors including Jonas Grumby. The extent of their travels is unknown but included at least Bjurnja.

Factionalism within the Lord of Fire faith following Yosi Cedro's death were causing religious strife across the central continent and Greta had yet to be recognised as the Avatar. At the Grand Ball of 381 an attempt was made by King Tendaji of Genivana to force the issue, which ended in tragedy as the manifestation of the Lord of Fire in a crowded room resulted in many deaths. Eventually however Greta was confirmed as the Avatar.[1]

She remained withdrawn for many more years, initially refusing to intervene during the years of famine and strife in the 390s, until she was persuaded by Queen Anguri of Raaneka to take charge of the church and confront First Brother Adam. Together with Shvedrishti and Glamora she succeeded in infiltrating the Blazing Temple and openly challenged Adam, eventually banishing him to the spirit realm on a ghostly ship captained by her former mentor Jonas Grumby.[2]

Almost immediately, however, Shvedrishti attempted to execute a miracle of her own, seeking to replace the Lord of Fire with Greta herself. Greta vanished, and was never knowingly seen again.[3]



Religious titles

Title last held by
Yosi Cedro
Blazing Avatar

Title next held by
Nissa Rodilsignya

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