Regions Grmanhil


Ruler Chief Orgnar Bangboom
Player SlayerofUndead
Abbreviation -
Capital Orgnarhil, Grmanhil
Status Defunct
Sovereignty Free State


The government was headed by Chief Orgnar and his family and based in the new city of Orgnarhil. Much of the rest of the power in the land rested with the army captains: Durgra Razorroar, Orgnar's brother by marriage, and Rocknar Bargar.


In c.350 the orcs of Grmanhil were united by the leadership of Chief Orgnar of the Bangboom clan. They joined the Dawn League and began a number of construction projects, including digging the first excavations for what would later become the Grand Canal.

In 376 the Salterri Imperium invaded Hrathan-Tuor, crossing Grmanhil territory to do so. In retaliation, the orcs, who had been suffering from the Pusdeath, rounded up infected plague carriers and marched them to the borders of Bor-Teire and Bracia in an attempt to spread the disease.

After the war, Chief Orgnar was condemned for these actions by the leaders of the Grand Coalition, who had been attempting to contain the disease. Lady Lyra of Lyradis claimed suzerainty over Grmanhil and deposed Orgnar, placing the Thunderhand clan in charge of the region. All the members of the Bangboom clan remaining in Grmanhil were imprisoned or else killed by the Pusdeath. The lands of Grmanhil were partitioned between Lyradis and the Triumvirate.


Grmanhil light infantry carried iron claymore swords and wore iron chainmail. Grmanhil archers wore little to no armor to aid rapidity of movement. They were equipped with short bows and iron-headed arrows.


The people of Grmanhil worshipped their honored dead: those who fall in combat. The Grmanhil believed that if a warrior dies in honorable combat that they will be reincarnated anew.