Haljan[1] translates literally to 'Those who Came Home', derived from Halja which means 'Home'. Intellectuals find it interesting but not surprising that the small group of Haljans who fled underground during the Cataclysm (which occurred over four hundred years ago) named themselves the same as the Haljans of the Land of the Last Clockwork Waltz. Unfortunately, not all Haljans were able to escape the horrific events of the Cataclysm of which nobody is willing to speak. The Cataclysm affected the Haljans far more than any other local race, killing most of them and leaving the small pockets of survivors vulnerable. Though the Haljans recovered well, they did not recover swiftly enough to prevent the humans who proceded to enslave them primarily for their exotic appearance.

The only resemblance a Haljan bears to a human is their upper half, which is generally muscular and sturdily built. At the waist, the Haljan's body transitions to resemble a large black scorpion, complete with six legs, a set of pincers and tail. Their long fingers are tipped with sharp black claws, which contrast with their fine white scales. Haljan's mouths are filled with sharp pointed teeth similar to a feline's. Their eyes are entirely a dark colour beneath a pair of long antennae where a human's eyebrows would be. Typically held back with a simple black cloth, a Haljan's hair resembles many bug legs which behaves similarly to human dreadlocks. Due to being much larger, Haljan females were always useful to the slavers for hard labour. The much rarer Haljan males however, were prized due to superior artistic expression, innovation, exploration as well as having much larger stingers and pincers. Haljan males are also far more poisonous, able to kill a beast much larger than themselves within a short time.

Roughly two hundred years ago (the natural lifetime of a typical Haljan) of the common calendar, the Haljans successfully rebelled against their slavers and left en masse to the East. During the time before coming to the Land of the Last Clockwork Waltz, the Haljans became highly successful pirates and continued to be a thorn in their former slavers' side for many years before moving on to return to the nomadic life they had prior to the Cataclysm. After a time, the Haljans claimed the Land of the Last Clockwork Waltz for themselves to roam and clad themselves in the silks found in the region. Every Haljan carries weapons (typically an axe or khopesh sometimes accompanied by a buckler) and proudly wears clothes (a right which they were denied during enslavement). A Haljan's clothes typically consists of a white shirt, coloured cloth referred to as a 'cravat' or 'ascot', black, brown or grey waistcoat, short black coat typically worn unbuttoned and various styles of hat or bandanna. A more well off Haljan typically wears a waistcoat made of a patterned material and a tall black hat called a 'top hat'. Most of these clothes are made of silk or wool.

Haljans are currently most famous for being excellent explorers, artisans and merchants though they prefer to handle trades themselves and as such are unable to efficiently trade with far off lands. Despite being wary of those who are not denizens of Fera, Haljans are well known for their relative harmlessness. Though largely nomadic, there are many small towns dotted throughout the Land of the Last Clockwork Waltz. This is theorised to be a remnant of life during enslavement, however most Haljans themselves will try their best to dispute such theories. Such towns are usually relatively small square buildings featuring many rooms, arches and triangular shapes. In most cities, a larger building is in the centre of the town for important events to be held and travellers to stay. Many Haljan towns now feature facilities for airships and Luftus Nochenwaurm. Throughout Fera, similar facilities can also been found seemingly in the middle of nowhere.



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