Hariven Varinel
Title King of the Heartwaste
Reign - 330
Predecessor Unknown
Successor Katara Varinel
Spouse Unknown
Issue Hasrin Varinel

Mellienth Varinel
Katara Varinel
Karet Varinel
Kynvessa Varinel
Varel Varinel[1]

House Varinel
Born c.265
Died 330

Hariven was King of the Heartwaste in 330, but died soon after. Little is known about him, but he is believed to have been incompetent and to have been overthrown and killed by his daughter Katara.


By an unknown wife, or wives, Hariven had six children:

  • Hasrin (299-400). Married Marquise Ilana Alakan and had issue.
  • Mellienth, born 302, died likely before 330. Appears to have died young, with no issue.[2]
  • Katara (305-c.366). Killed her father and took his place as Queen. No issue.
  • Karet (308-410). Married Marquise Basya Yunizar and had issue.
  • Kynvessa (311-380). Married Yuuhi of Tekorva and had issue:
    • Valineth Varinel (360-468), married Wayve Earthguard of Hurosha and had issue;
    • Ameneschi, born 362, date of death unknown.
    • Kuramkesh, born 362. Succeeded his father as High Prince, deposed and disappeared after 395.
  • Varel Varinel (311-391), married Zhela Toranath of Ashenia and had issue.


Royal titles
Preceded by
King of the Heartwaste
- 330
Succeeded by
Katara Varinel

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