Hartigan Biûrkahâd
Nationality Angan Anvale
Spouse Unknown
Children Unknown
Title Lord of the Anvale
House Biûrkahâd
Race Human
Died c.385

Hartigan Biûrkahâd was the last independent ruler of Angan Anvale and the first known sufferer of the disease that later became known as the Pusdeath. He ruled the Anvale from Heartgouger's Tower and upon the arrival of Prince Hazael of Ashenia to explore the territory, imprisoned the prince and held him for ransom.[1]

In the 470s, in response to Hartigan's demands for ransom, the Union of the Northwest invaded the Anvale, destroyed Hartigan's army and took him prisoner. It was discovered that the insides of Hartigan’s deerskin coat was lined with small ritual knives made out of the bones of various creatures, including human fingerbones. His burnt brown skin were marked with black spots on his legs and under his arms.[2]

As the Pusdeath began to spread, he was interrogated by his Ashenian captors. Initially he laughed off any questions, but later, under the influence of somnorum, revealed that the disease originated from further west and had been caused by people eating infected rats.[3] He died in captivity at some point in the mid-380s.[4]


Noble titles
Preceded by
Lord of the Anvale
bef.360 - c.375

Title next held by
Idrisa the Magnificent

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