Hawkeye Grumby
Nationality AQUA
Spouse Doris Robson
Children Henry Braymore

John Francis Xavier
Margaret Jane

Title Captain-Administrator of Emerald City
House Grumby (by adoption)
Race Quill
Father Indigo Summers (adopted)
Born 378
Died 476
Cause of Death shipwreck

Hawkeye was the adopted son of Indigo Summers, one of the AQUA Senior Council members during the reign of Amber Grant. Born partially deaf, he had a lifelong speech impediment and was something of an outcast in Quill society as a consequence. Although no relation to the Grant-Grumby family, he was named Hawkeye Grumby in tribute to Jonas Grumby, the first King of the Jewelled Cities.

He was targetted for assassination during the Deceiver coup in 399 along with his father, but managed to defeat his attackers and escape, joining other members of the Grant dynasty in exile. Indigo was not so fortunate and was killed beside his boat.

He served as aide to Verdo Collino until the mans retirement. He then went on to be the Captain Administrator of Emerald City in Woodwind. He remained in that position until his retirement in 469.

He and his wife Doris Robson died in a shipwreck in 476.

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