King Hazael the Wise of Ashenia
Title King of Ashenia, Prince of Eseda, Castellan of Adrakand, Castellan of Misakand
Reign 327-358
Predecessor Queen Idrisa the Mad
Successor Hazael the Silent

Princess Regent Idrisa

Spouse Salline Refren
Issue Hazael Toranath

Idrisa Toranath
Salline Toranath
Korath Toranath
Mira Toranath
Zhela Toranath
Kateline Toranath

House Toranath
Mother Queen Idrisa the Mad
Father Korath Seneron
Born 288
Died 358
Hazael Toranath was the only heir of the previous monarch of Ashenia, Queen Idrisa the Mad. He ascended the thronein 327 on the occasion of his mother's death and after holding the regency for twenty years. His wife was named Salline, and together they had seven children; Hazael, Idrisa, Salline, Korath, Mira, Zhela and Kateline.

In appearance, Hazael Toranath was unremarkable. He stood at 187 centimetres in height, had grey eyes and his long black hair was usually tied back into a simply ponytail or, in the case of the most formal events, into a series of elaborate braids. Court dress for the King was traditionally a plain white robe, saffron stole and the sapphire and diamond studded royal crown. Different occasions of varying formality and purpose call for different attire.

In terms of personality, Hazael was a learned and reserved king, prone to acts of charity. He was open to new ideas and his hobbies include falconry, collecting books and songbirds. Those who got to know him found that behind his royal façade he was in fact a very easy going monarch.

Royal titles
Preceded by
Idrisa the Mad
King of Ashenia, Prince of Eseda, Castellan of Adrakand
Succeeded by
Hazael the Silent

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