Hazael IV
Title King of Ashenia, Prince of Eseda, Prince of Kyaralath, Prince of Ascalaine, Castellan of Adrakand, Castellan of Misakand, Lord of Lacertia, Lord of the Anvale, Lord of Intepeuh and Miaralan, Grandmaster of the Sacred Order of the Knights of the North Wind.
Reign 538 -
Predecessor Idrisa the Pious
Successor Incumbent
Spouse Adrynna Jarrow
Issue Unknown
House Toranath
Mother Idrisa III
Father Isar Karineth
Born 479
Religion Doctrine of Frost
Hazael Toranath IV
House of Toranath
Born: 479
Royal titles
Preceded by
Idrisa the Pious
King of Ashenia &c.
538 -

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