Herzog Cardion
Title Clanmaster
Reign 315-c.365
Predecessor Unknown
Successor Rogar Cardion
Spouse Venda Cardion[1]
Issue Rogar Cardion

Bertra Cardion

House Cardion
Born c.295
Died c.365
Religion Lord of Fire

Herzog inherited the ashen crown in 315 ago in a bloody bid to take power from his mad brother. In the decade and a half since, he greatly reduced the power of the four clans, and bonded them into one great whole.

He was a forgiving man on any subject except for religion, although as long as one didn't actively blaspheme in front of him he would not resort to violence. He was considered a good man to have at one's back.



Royal titles
Preceded by
Unknown brother
Clanmaster Succeeded by
Rogar Cardion

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