Huang Pei-Mei
Nationality Seaborne Confederation
Spouse Tumberink Grumby
Children Dominique Grumby

Emmanuel Grumby
Philip Grumby

Race Human
Born 388
Died 476
Cause of Death Shipwreck

Huang Pei Mei was a Salterri woman, with dark hair, pale yellowish skin, and dark eyes.  She wore simple pearl earrings and tri-corner hat to accent her silk blouse and pants.  Her rapier, an elegant combination of mithril and star-metal, was almost as recognizable as herself.

Huang Pei-Mei was a renegade Salterri captain who became one of the founding figures of the Free Alliance of Trading Ships. She married her fellow FATS captain Tumberink Grumby and with him had three children: twin daughters, Emmanuel and Dominique, and one son, Philip.

She died in a freak hurricane in 476 along with her husband and a number of other of their family and associates.[1]




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