Queen Idrisa the Magnificent
Title Queen of Ashenia, Princess of Edessa, Princess of Kyaralath, Castellan of Adrakand, Castellan of Misakand, Lady of Lacertia and Lady of the Anvale
Reign 381-395
Predecessor King Hazael II
Successor Shenath Toranath
Spouse Tansan Lyron
Issue Shenath Toranath

Tansan Toranath
Korath Toranath

House Toranath
Mother Salline Refren
Father King Hazael the Wise
Born 311, Ashenia
Died 395, Lacertia
Cause of Death Killed in Battle

Idrisa Toranath was the eldest daughter of the late King Hazael the Wise. Before coming to the post of Princess Regent in her older brother's absence, Idrisa was placed under house arrest in the Emrid Palace in Adrakand, for reasons only she and her father were party to. Rumours abounded that the cause was the same madness that afflicted her paternal grandmother, but the truth is, she coveted her brother's position as heir and conspired to make it so.

As is standard in the Toranath family, Idrisa is unremarkable in appearance. Though not plain, she is hardly a striking beauty. Her hair is long and black and her eyes a light blue. She stands at 180 centimetres in height. Her confinement has limited her in the traditional royal pursuits of Ashenia, of note being the fact that she hasn't ridden for over a decade. However, like her father, she also collects songbirds, including a raven she tamed and taught to speak. In addition, were she not imprisoned, her skill with the embroiderer's needle would be well known throughout the land.

Royal titles
Preceded by
Hazael the Wise
Princess Regent of Ashenia, Princess of Edessa, Castellan of Adrakand
with Hazael the Silent (358-375)
Succeeded by
Hazael the Silent (alone)
Preceded by
Hazael the Silent
Queen of Ashenia, Princess of Edessa, Castellan of Adrakand
Succeeded by
Shenath the Just

Title last held by
Hartigan Biûrkahâd
Lady of the Anvale
New title Princess of Kyaralath

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