Idrisa the Pious
Title Queen of Ashenia, Prince of Eseda, Princess of Kyaralath, Princess of Ascalaine, Castellan of Adrakand, Castellan of Misakand, Lady of Lacertia, Lady of the Anvale, Lady of Intepeuh and Miaralan, Grandmaster of the Sacred Order of the Knights of the North Wind.
Reign 503 - 541
Predecessor Kellan the Saint
Successor Hazael Toranath IV
Spouse Isar Karineth
Issue Hazael Toranath
House Toranath
Mother Kasallin Kordath
Father King Kellan III
Born 446
Died 538
Religion Doctrine of Frost

Idrisa Toranath was the eldest of Kellan III's children and had been heir apparent her entire life. As such, she received an education heavy in affairs of state and long assisted her father with matters of governance. Breaking from tradition, she was the first monarch of Ashenia to seek an education at the University of Severikand where she read law, history and mathematics. Like her father before her, Idrisa was a strong adherent of the Doctrine of Frost, though some are worried this may result in her attention drifting far to the East.

Idrisa stood at 179 Pryonic centimetres in height and her hair was long even by Ashenite standards. By the time of her succession, the beauty of her youth had faded somewhat and her once pure black hair was streaked with silver. Nevertheless, she remained a woman of striking appearance with piercing grey eyes. In addition, she was a keen rider and falconer and regularly made the ride out to her favoured hunting lodge near Sandrul, though since her accession she had far more accompaniment than previously.

Idrisa Toranath III
House of Toranath
Born: 446 Died: 538
Royal titles
Preceded by
Kellan the Saint
Queen of Ashenia &c.
503 - 538
Succeeded by
Hazael Toranath IV

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