Inigo is the third Doge of Guilder, known for his impulsive disposition and warlike tendencies, as well as his old age.

Doge Inigo the Fireheart
Title Doge of Guilder
Reign c.423-436


Predecessor Humperdink
Successor Vizini the Contrary
Spouse Unknown
Issue Vizini
House House of Tumberink
Father Humperdink
Born 366, Guilder
Died 472
Cause of Death Illness

Early lifeEdit

First ReignEdit

Time in CaptivityEdit

Second ReignEdit


Royal titles
Preceded by
Doge of Guilder
Succeeded by
Vizini the Contrary
Preceded by
Buttercup of Guilder
Doge of Guilder
Succeeded by
Vizini the Contrary

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