Islanders are tall but broad chested, with dark hair, eyes and skin. Some have more exotic colored eyes and hair. They bear a strong resemblance to the Woodwind people, with some Crimar influences seen in hair and eyes. Most of them would be seen as exceptionally handsome or beautiful. It is generally held that centuries of pirating and maiden-capturing resulted in comely stock. Islanders tend to vary dramatically depending on which ancestor got kidnapped from which country. Males tend to be 23 link, but are plus or minus up to 3 links. Women tend to be 23 link as well, but only plus or minus a link. Weights tend to be heavier than Quill, with men around 2 chain and women a chain and three quarters. Again, variation is great, up to a half a chain either way for both men and women.

They bear significant differences from their continental brethren, however. Their chests are more round than those of normal humans. They possess a heart and lung system which allows them to hold their breath for up to ten minutes. Their ribcage is more flexible and allows them to dive far deeper than is comfortable for normal humans. Their feet and hands are slightly webbed for better swimming ability. Lastly, they possess a second set of clear eyelids that allow them to swim in the salty sea and still protect their eyes. Despite this, they can interbreed normally with humanity.

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