Queen Ivet Volshevrin-Nisakovich
Title Dragon Queen of Maur
Reign 541
Predecessor Kara Volshevrin
Successor Tyarel Volshevrin II
Spouse Li Yin-ho
Issue Aelina Volshevrin-Li
House Volshevrin
Mother Kara Volshevrin
Father Jowan Jarrow-Nisakovich
Born 508
Died 541, Maur
Cause of Death Assassination
Religion Tzetultep

Ivet was the elder of the twin daughters of Queen Kara Volshevrin. Her status as Dragon Queen is controversial, since she was crowned but it is not clear whether her mother in fact outlived her. Whatever her legal status, her reign was brief and inconsequential, lasting at most only a few days before her assassination.


In 541, the Queen was found dead in her chambers, a knife plunged into her heart. Though the killers were unknown the knife is identified by the royal smith as of Karintiyan craft, though whether this meant the killers were Karranan or if the use was intended to throw off scent from the true culprit was unknown.[1]


Tyarel succeeded her sister as queen and immediately sought to place blame on her mother's former liege in the Commonwealth of Lorvyn. She had her father arrested as a suspected Lorvyn sympathiser (and, it was rumoured, executed, though apparently he survived for a number of years) as well as taking action against Maurian exiles living within the Commonwealth.


By her husband Li Yin-ho, Ivet gave birth to one daughter, shortly before her death:

  • Aelina Volshevrin-Li, b.540


Royal titles
Preceded by
Kara Volshevrin
Dragon-Queen of Maur
Succeeded by
Tyarel Volshevrin II

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