Jaaku Na Crest
Jaaku Na is a religion widely held illegal and heretical which flourished during the mid-fourth century in Guilder and Ashenia.

Oshoku is the god of freedom, chaos and pleasure. His followers also hold anger, earth, illusions and justice within His influence. Myths state that Oshoku chose the first Konton-Lordo during the latter's unrightous exile, cultivating his lust for justice and freedom until he was deemed fit to spread the word of the Jaaku Na.


The Jaaku Na religion has a very distinct heirarchy. The leader of the religion is called the Konton-Lordo, which oversees and guides all other adherents of Jaaku Na. However, the Konton-Lordo sees every being on Telluris as his to guide, for every souls yearns to be free of shackles and as such will most certainly come to him over time. It is know that he detests everything that resembles leadership that is not under his supervision and/or control.

Next down are the Oshoku-Sābanto. These executives of the Konton-Lordo carry out his will, leading the lesser followers of the religion as the Kanton-Lordo sees fit. The Oshoku-Sābanto have gone through the ritual of Hason.

The one to last lowest position are the Hijiri. These priests are the local leaders of the religion, leading the people in prayer and listening to confessions. The Hijiri have undergone the ritual of Keigan.

The lowest in the heirarchy are the normal commonfolk, who most often follow the religion to satisfy their yearning to experience true freedom.


The Jaaku Na religion uses rites to select those capable enough to rise through the different ranks. According to the Hijiri and Oshoku-Sābanto, there are two things necessary for reaching true enlightenment and rising through the ranks. First one must rid oneself of the shackles of tyranny, which means opposing the leadership of anyone except the Konton-Lordo. Second, one mus be prepared to let Oshoku into one's very soul, forming one into His vessel.

What exactly is meant by this is not yet known, as the rites always involve a pilgrimage under supervision of a senior Hijiri or Oshoku-Sābanto, depending on the position one wants to rise to when they are considered worthy. However, people who have had friends and family being promoted to the highest ranks have reported that they exhibited an even more fanatical adherance to Oshoku then before they went on their journey.


The soul of people is born free, but is shackled by those who rule. For the soul to be absolutely free, there must be no other to guide the people then the Konton-Lordo.

Everything is born from chaos and will revert to chaos. In chaos, the soul will find true ecstasy and purpose.

The only one who can influence the flow of chaos is the Konton-Lordo, who was chosen by Oshoku Himself to guide his creations. Thus only he can have the right to guide the people of Telluris.

Those who attempted to rule the people without Oshoku's blessing are heretics and must be totally eradicated. Their souls will not find any purpose in the glorious afterlife.


The Jaaku Na religion has raised the following people to Saint status:

  • Abram the Faithful
  • Tuang the Bold
  • Rodrigo the Great
  • Pulepo the Cunning

The Thirteen SwordsEdit

See Thirteen Swords of the True Jaaku Na

In 467, thirteen Hijiri rebelled against accepted cult tenets, murdering the Oshoku-Sābanto who attempted to reprimand them. Each of them is believed to have become known as a Sword of Oshoku, perpetrators of many crimes across Telluris.


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