Region Number 146B
Realm Great Sharixian Republic
Population 630,000
Resources Prismatic Hollows, Stone
Imports Steel

Scout's ReportEdit

Rocks. Cold. Dangerous. Encountered strange prismatic crystals my scouts dubbed Prismatic Hollows, edible. Tried some. Very hard, different flavours in different rocks. Some sweet, some sour. Ample supply of Stone suitable for building.

The locals seem to be humanoid, but of no kind encountered before. They take pride in the danger of their home, and consider their survival proof of ‘shao-va’. Their explanation of ‘shaou-va’ went over my head. Called their home the ‘Jaote’ and themselves the ‘Te’. They seemed very interested in our steel (Iron) arms and armour. They expressed no knowledge of the people of Rikorsial that live above them.

Advise against military conquest.”


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