The Jarrs are the native inhabitants of Jarrland, and have established colonies in many other regions. They are faeblood humans.

Foreigners sometimes refer to the Jarrs as "Jarrow" but in reality the Jarrow are merely one of the clans of the Jarr people. The people are tall, slender and swarthy, apparently equally at home in the mountains to the north, or plying their fishing boats along their stretch of coastline. They are on the whole cheerful barbarians, though the finery of their clothes belies their rustic mien.

The people are confident in their elvish ancestry. Whether there is any truth to it is unclear, but it is believed that the land was once ruled by elves and all the ruling families descend from them. Individuals with perceived "elvish" features are thus well-regarded in Jarr society, no matter how low their birth. Since the development of international relations between the kingdom and the wider world, many families - especially the royal family - have sought marriages with foreign elves and fae for this reason.

They are closely related to the neighbouring Venns.


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