AQUA Regatta and Naval Exercises
Year 430
Location The Jewelled Cities
Next Third Tellurian Games

The AQUA Regatta and Naval Exercises were held in the Jewelled Cities in 430. A number of delegations from across Telluris attended, although some governments boycotted the Regatta due to disapproval of the regime of Opus Petrichor.

The event also marked the first known conversions to the Children of Kina outside AQUA, following discussions with figures from the Faedas Freehold.


Day 1 arrival
No events scheduled for the day.
Welcome dinner on the Leeward Beach, Old Man island.

Day 2
Parade of flags at Turquoise City Bay: Come show off your pretty ships and win the accolades of the crowd.
Skills Regatta: Race from the City of Turquoise around the Northern Reaches of the archipelago to the City of Amber. Then race through the confusing and treacherous Grand Banks to the City of Pearl.

Day 3
Naval Exercises off of Old Man island: Pick a side! Protect the Convoy or attempt to seize it.
Skills Regatta: Second leg of the treacherous Grand Banks, from Pearl to the City of Opal. Then, a Night Sailing race out into the southern sea and back.

Day 4
Naval Exercises off of Old Man island: Protect your Cargo, from rampaging sea monsters intent on capturing it. The Pono al a Ono have graciously accepted the role of sea monster for this exercise.
Skills Regatta: The Windward Run, from Old Man back to the City of Turquoise.

Day 5
Naval exercises off of Old Man Island: 3x3 sea battles, . Select your team and go head to head!
Farewell dinner on the Leeward Beach, Old Man island



  1. Free Alliance of Trading Ships
  2. AQUA and Kingdom of Serendel (tie)


  1. Kingdom of Serendel
  2. Summers' End
  3. Triumvirate Guilds

Convoy ProtectionEdit

  1. AQUA and Triumvirate Guilds (tie)

Monster HuntEdit

  1. Free Alliance of Trading Ships


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