Ji Caercia I
Title King of the Caercian Consortium, Proconsul Caercian
Reign 463 - 501
Predecessor Cassius Caercia (as Lord Protector)
Successor Hanyeo Caercia
Spouse An Tayanya
Issue R'jas Caercia

Hanyeo Caercia

House Caercia
Father Markus Caercia
Born 436
Died 516
Religion Hailings of the Silver Sea
Royal titles
New title King of the Caercians and Ritians, the Sterks, the Wyrmar, Men and Minotines of Minotron, King of the Vale and the Bjurns
363 -
Succeeded by
King of Dragons
500 -
Political offices
Preceded by
Cassius Caercia
Castellan of Cas-Teire, Suzerain of Nan Hai Nian, Proconsul Caercian
363 -
Succeeded by

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