Jogay Morris
Nationality Carmine
Spouse -
Children -
Title Captain
House Sunder
Race Jarr-Islander
Mother Philippa Morris
Father Unconfirmed (believed to be Marrik Sunder)
Born c.405, Grand Banks

Jogay Morris was the half-islander captain of the Summers' End, a noted privateer, and a leading captain in the navy of the Kingdom of the Carmine Sea. He later rose to the position of First Lord of the Admiralty when Queen Tempest finally vacated the position.


He was born in the Grand Banks to Philippa Morris, an Islander woman, in 405, near the start of the AQUA Civil War. His father is believed to be the adventurer and champion Marrik, second Duke of Sunder, though this has never been confirmed. His early life was one of hardship, and at least one of his parents was killed by raiders. Growing up in the Grand Banks and needing to provide for himself and his half-sister Joanna, he learned to sail at a very early age, and rapidly became adept at sailing those treacherous waters, finding hidden routes that had long remained mysterious.

Whatever his parentage, Jogay is fiercely loyal to the Grant and Jarrow families, or perhaps merely fiercely opposed to the Deceiver faction. In 422 he smuggled himself to Propinlonge in time for the Council and introduced himself to the royal family. They were impressed with his dedication and ability in travelling so far to meet them, as was his supposed half-brother Wiltor, now Duke of Sunder.

He rapidly carved out a reputation for himself as a successful privateer. His early exploits in the navy were sufficient for him to be appointed captain of a new vessel, which he named the Summers' End. He assembled a diverse crew, comprised of AQUA exiles, wandering Raaneki and Qarimosi, and people from all corners of the Carmine kingdom, including a few from Niemidaland. His crew prides itself on its professionalism and efficiency, although little of that came across on the ship's visit to the Jewelled Cities for the Regatta in 427.[1]

By 434 he had attained a position of some influence in the Carmine navy, built largely on his reputation after years of raiding. On the outbreak of war with the Priory, the Summers' End accompanied the navy on its attempted journey to Salteire, and it is believed it was at his suggestion that the ships raided Maos and Fiassa's Fast on finding the Grand Canal closed to them.

He is a tall and good-looking man, reputed never to smile, although this is not entirely true. It is rumoured he is an excellent swordsman in the Sea Serpent style, although there are no reliable first-hand accounts of him in combat, and he habitually carries a Kasumori- style blade when in public.

In his youth, rumours circulated about his relationship with some of his crew, in particular the sylphid Damara. In the 440s he married Vu Hai Lien, the daughter of a rich merchant, Vu Ke Hen, who he had rescued from a shipwreck some years earlier. The alliance between Jogay and the Vu family proved a powerful political force.


By Hai Lien Jogay had two children:

  • Hania, b.453
  • Florian, b.456



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