Jonas Grant
Nationality Islander
Spouse Unmarried
Children -
Title Chuo wa Shahidi
House Grant
Race Islander
Mother Amber Grant
Father Iaz Teron
Born 366, The Jewelled Cities
Died 457, Tzalteclan
Religion Radurja

Jonas was the son of Regina Amber Grant of the Jewelled Cities (later AQUA) and the twin of Tempest. He attended the Grand Ball in 381 where he was badly burned during the Lord of Fire's appearance, and for the rest of his life wore a mask and carried a cane. At the Ball he also met Shvedrishti, the two of whom later became devoted to each other. He followed her to the Blazing Temple in 400 where he witnessed the banishment of Brother Adam on his grandfather's ship. He was later believed to be in contact with the AQUA opposition to Opus Petrichor and the Free Alliance of Trading Ships.

Following the death of both Shvedrishti and his brother by marriage King Athelmere, he travelled to Jarrland where Tempest was living. He later journeyed with his nephew Atheldynn to Tzalteclan, at the age of ninety, to witness Nezetkhamun's transformation into a dragon.[1] At a key moment in the ceremony he suddenly dropped dead for unknown reasons.[2] Atheldynn was killed shortly afterwards in a drunken brawl believed to be caused by the sudden death of his uncle.



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