Region Number 149
Realm Great Sharixian Republic
Population 870,000
Resources Sapphire Wood, Iron
Imports Alcohol

Scout's ReportEdit

Mountainous, but not volcanic. Very cold. An extraordinary abundance of blue-bark trees the locals call Sapphire Wood. It grows tall and straight. Not fruit bearing. Locals have no objection to chopping them down. Samples collected and sent.

Meltwater rivers lead to ample Iron deposits. Locals have abundance of iron arms and armour as result.

People are very grim. Consider each day a battle against death. Day’s end results in huge celebration at ‘victory’. Locals attempt to involve us. Decision made to accept to avoid conflict with well-armed population. Accidental cultural exchange has unexpected results. Anir’s murder results in very positive reaction from many. Some skeptical. Locals deeply enjoyed the Strong Alcohol from Three Cities, and requested more.

Advise immediate diplomatic response, and conquest strongly cautioned against.”


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