High King Kalderdan Ringmaker
Title High King of Mularuhm
Reign c.375 - c.415
Predecessor Gambar Ringmaker
Successor Rera Swordcarver
Spouse Nitura Stonecarver
Issue None known
House Ringmaker
Mother Rera Swordcarver
Father Gambar Ringmaker
Born c.341
Died c.415
Cause of Death Killed in Battle

Kalderdan was elected High King of Mularuhm along with his wife Nitura Stonecarver following the tragic and unexpected deaths of his parents, High King and Queen Gambar Ringmaker and Rera Swordcarver, just weeks after his marriage.

One of his earliest acts as king was to agree the Treaty of Everlasting Friendship with Jarrland, which agreed a perpetual alliance and division of territories between the kingdoms. He sponsored exploration of neighbouring regions and their colonisation, with the Mularuhm dwarves occupying Galardoth, Asterith and Norogh under his reign. He also pursued friendly relations with the Salterri Imperium, sending representatives to the Imperial court and bringing Mularuhm effectively into the Imperium, although precise terms were not agreed until after his death.

In 410 the Grand Duchy of Pavonia invaded Norogh, and Kalderdan led the defence. He was killed in battle, with his death throwing the government into disarray. It was another fifteen years before Mularuhm was able to re-establish itself as a diplomatic power, under his cousin Konhagen and his wife Kaitlind Gemgrinder.

Royal titles
Preceded by
Gambar Ringmaker
High King of Mularuhm
c.375 - c.415
with Nitura Stonecarver

Title next held by
Konhagen Ringmaker

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