Kanyat Flag
Region Number 143
Realm United Free Cities
Population 336,000
Resources Stone, Lapis Lazuli
Imports Wood
Religion Spiritualism

Kanyat is a region in the Chivalric Republic of the United Free Cities, bordering the Great Desert.


The great desert to the west is called the Sea of Sand. It is very inhospitable. Travel is not recommended without a local guide.
The most important features are the Oasis. Water is a treasure in the desert, so these places are important for the nomads and any visitors.
Kanyat's unique feature is the three two mountains that receive some snow in winter. One of the mountains is flat head. The rumor is that a god cut it off in an ancient battle. These mountains are called Ram's Horns Mountains. The great bazaar city of Dalmasca is between them, and most people live around this area because of the water and climate.


Kanyat is home to some of the nomadic sphynks tribes. However, it is also home to many people of Zuiguo, who came as colonists. As such, the culture is a mixture of desert lifestyle and Zuiguo's influence. A hospitable people who must work hard together, Kanyat people are known to be welcoming to foreigners.
Most people live in the great bazaar city of Dalmasca. It is a famous trade center for travelers traveling West or East, and so many cultural merchants can be found in this international city. The impression of such a busy city is contrast to the desert. Most people travel in caravans, sometimes with Sphynks guides.


The religion is Sphynks spiritualism. The desert god punished long ago, and so their duty is to repent until such a punishment is paid for. The ancestor spirits are prayed to for guidance and help. Respect for family and clan is important. Especially dance and music are important to honor the god.
In Dalmasca many merchants can be found from different regions. However, no single religion is dominant.


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