Karintiya Flag
Region Number 48
Realm Sovereign Principality of Niskovia
Population 540,000
Resources Niskovian Vodka


Imports Horses

Karintiya became a province of the Sovereign Principality of Niskovia in the late 400's.

Geography Edit

Geography here

People Edit

Some of the people here are relatives of the Draganan, the people of Angan Anvale, however there are several differences. These Karranan are for the most part pure-blood fae. A typical Karranan has grey skin, light coloured hair, silver eyes, pointed ears, very pointy teeth and possesses superior visual and auditory acuity to most species, as well as sharing the Draganan's seemingly preternatural ability to know when they are being approached.

Historically there has been ongoing contact between Niskovia and the Karranan for centuries - long before Karintiya became a province of the Principality in 411. It is believed that as much as a tenth of Karintiya's population may have some Niskan ancestry. Exact numbers are hard to come by, as Karranan features tend towards being dominant and the Karranan don't track the ancestry of their clan members with the same diligence as Niskans.

Religion Edit

The Karranan follow a belief system that is similar in many ways to that of their cousins, the Draganan of Angan Anvale.


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