The House of Kelarth was the ruling house of the United Lacertian Dominion.

Potentate Kelarth the ConquerorEdit

Kelarth is powerfully built and a skilled combatant. He waged a 15-year-long war that unified all the clans into the Dominion, ending with the Great Siege of the Narrow Peaks in 345, when he sealed his conquest by taking his third wife. This feat earned him godhood in his people's eyes, and his strength holds the Dominion together. Should he die, it is unclear if the clans will remain unified.

Lythi Kelarth-ShaEdit

As Kelarth's first wife, Lythi's acts as Kelarth's advisor. Unlike the other politically motivated marriages, Kelarth and Lythi are deeply in love, and are undyingly loyal to each other.

Malirth the CunningEdit

As Kelarth's oldest male child, Malirth is the heir to the throne, though any of his brothers may challenge him to ritual-combat for the crown. He is a shrewd tactician who played a large role in the Conquest of the Clans, and is regarded as a hero by his people.

Malirth's oldest son is Renth the Just.
Renth's oldest son is Chendath the Meritless.


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