King Kellan III of Ashenia
Title King of Ashenia
Reign 454 - 503
Predecessor Tansan the Great
Successor Idrisa the Pious
Spouse Kasallin Kordath
Issue Idrisa Toranath III

Korath Toranath
Melisana Toranath

House Toranath
Mother Salline Toranath
Father Kellan Estarath
Born 424
Died 503
Religion Doctrine of Frost

Kellan Toranath was the eldest surviving child of the late Princess Salline. He led as little a public life as was possible under his position as heir to the throne preferring instead to engage in study and scholarship. Unusually for a member of the Ashenite Royal Family, he devoted much time to theology.

He stood at 179 Pryonic centimetres, had pale blue eyes and possessed a thin physique. Despite this and his bookish tendencies, he nonetheless excelled as a horseman. In direct contrast to his grandfather, he only opened the palace at the legally and traditionally required times, preferring to govern in comparative solitude with the aid of his advisors. Rumours abound as to the reasons for this, but none can be certain.

Kellan Toranath III
House of Toranath
Born: 454 Died: 505
Royal titles
Preceded by
Tansan the Great
King of Ashenia &c.
454 - 503
Succeeded by
Idrisa the Pious

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