First Khanate of Woodwind
Woodwind Crest
Regions Woodwind
Ruler Dyamusan Ignato (last)
Player QuintonBeck
Abbreviation -
Capital Water's Watch
Status Defunct
Abolished c.422
Sovereignty Centre of Ignato Empire
Government Monarchy
Ruling House Ignato

The Khanate of Woodwind is a kingdom that existed twice in recorded history.

First KhanateEdit

The first Khanate dates back into prehistory and was generally thought to be isolationist and peaceful. Beginning in the mid-fourth century, under Dyamus Ignato, known as the "Doomkhan", it conquered its neighbours in Aloren and Nyroth, establishing the Ignato Empire.

The title of Khan and the government of the Khanate was generally subsumed to that of Emperor thereafter, although remained in formal use until the early fifth century. The Khanate lost all political relevance with the abolition of the Empire in 422, although it is thought that Dyamusan Ignato, the last Khan, may have continued using the title until his death in 440.

Second KhanateEdit

An attempt was made to revive the Khanate in the 490s following a claim by Kwau Ignafar and King Eldred of the Jarrs, who had a distant claim via Turk Ignato. The people of Woodwind however proved least susceptible of the old Ignato territories to the Jarrow claim and during the settlement the royal title was not renewed, unlike those of Aloren and Nyroth.

Decades later the Hurosha Empire again purported to revive the Khanate and did so by main force, invading Nyroth to secure its government there. The ensuing collapse of Republican government saw the Huroshan authorities establish the new Khanate without significant opposition.

Second Khanate of Woodwind
Regions Woodwind


Ruler Unknown
Player WaylanderX
Capital Water's Watch
Abolished Subsumed into Hurosha c.556
Sovereignty Part of the Hurosha Empire
Government Mixed
Known as the Crimson Provinces, the new Khanate was immediately absorbed into the Hurosha Empire.

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